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Leo Brumm Mcardle


I am very proud of TFLS and our accomplishments towards student learning and the university placements for our graduates.  Our mission has been to create a caring environment for learning, coupled with strong personal discipline, to ensure the progress of each and every student at our AP Center.  This means that every student is important to us, and we take special care to monitor and assist their progress throughout the program.  The final goal is an outstanding educational experience that includes hard work, extracurricular activities and high achievement on all our AP subjects.


Wayne David Riley



教育感言:Physics explores the mechanics and structure of the world that we live in and have created. But it is just not about learning rules and equations. In class we learn the language and the math to help us understand things as the understanding is useful in not just physics but in other subjects. It is the understanding that I and my students strive for at the end of my class. The understanding makes examinations easy.



John Hallissey



教育感言:Read; Read; Read! A wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom is available to you if you are prepared to make an effort.

Think; Think; Think! You are important too! Think about what is important in your life; reflect on your experiences; know yourself, and clarify your hopes and dreams.

Write; Write; Write! Become a competent and creative writer by practicing a little writing everyday.





Shane Te Wiremu Ngahere



教育感言:My expectations of the students is they practice and therefore do at least a little study every day. If students want to pass the exams, they must study NOW. It’s too late to cram information and try and learn everything a few days before the exam. I also expect them to try and make learning fun and if it cannot be fun, then accept that it is something they have to do to be successful in life. Good marathon runners don't run a marathon every day, they train long before the race and they do a little each day if they want to succeed. It is the same for study and exams.



Peter William Cusick



教育感言:My goal as an educator is to teach my students how to think rather than what to think. There is a tremendous amount of information that is easily accessible from almost anywhere and at almost any time and understanding what is true is an important skill to have. Therefore, I feel it is important for students to learn to question things and think logically and critically in all aspects of their life. That is why I encourage discussion, group work, creativity, and proof in the mathematical classroom.



Tommaso Fittipaldi



教育感言:I think that students need to find enthusiasm. Whatever the topic or subject they are working on, I am confident that wherever there is enthusiasm, the end results will be above average.

I find this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt quite apt:

"Your ambition should be to get as much life out of living as you possibly can, as much enjoyment, as much interest, as much experience, as much understanding. Not simply be what is generally called a success."

If I had to say a special word of encouragement, or if I needed to inspire my students, then I would say: find the excitement in what you are learning and keep at it, you will surprise yourself of what you can achieve.





James Hayes Stringer




My educational philosophy is based around making sure the students understand the overall concepts. That is why I suggest students organize the key terms they learn about on flash cards so they can learn their meanings and organize them into the different themes of the course. I also suggest learning to actively read. When you are reading, rewrite the main points in your own words into your notebook. That is the best way to remember information. Don't forget to pay attention in class.


Simon Kabue Kabucho



教育感言:I have been privileged to have taught Chemistry for over 15 years ago in different parts of the world including Africa, Middle East and China. Across all the different cultures that I have come across, the brain of every young person is always inquisitive and ready to receive whatever is presented to it in different ways as each student is unique.  This has forced me to develop student-centered, constructivist and humanistic approach towards educating young minds. My research has shown that young people become better learners when their needs as individuals are recognized, appreciated and nurtured. The net effect is that they become self-confident as they know that they have all the support, expertise and direction they need for their current and future development. Towards this end, I design, develop and deliver student-centered activities that allow learners to be in charge of their learning process as a way of nurturing their investigative skills. I am particularly  encouraged by the fact that students at Tianjin Foreign Language School are exceptionally well behaved and driven to excel in their exams, particularly in external exams. They are some of the smartest and brightest students that I have come across and I am sure they will be able secure admission to top-notch universities in the USA and UK.


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